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BlueHost Review

Here are a few highlights of what you can expect with Bluehost:

The simple, user-friendly interface of Bluehost makes it simple for novices to set up and maintain a website.

You can get a free SSL certificate, a free Content Delivery Network (CDN), and one free domain name (limited to the first year) when you sign up with Bluehost.

Building and managing an online store is possible with Bluehost’s Online Store plan, which comes with more than $450 worth of plugins.

You can create an infinite number of websites with the majority of Bluehost hosting plans. only recommends three providers, and Bluehost is one of them.

The Bluehost domain manager streamlines the procedure of acquiring, moving, updating, and overseeing every one of your domains from a single location.

BlueHost Pro’s and Con’s


  • Affordable introductory plan
  • No cost domain registration
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • 24/7 chat and phone assistance
  • WordPress installation with just one click
  • CDN without charge.
  • As suggested by


  • Rates of renewal soar
  • A lot of upselling
  • Restricted storage
  • Not every plan has daily backups.
  • No monthly agreements
  • Varying levels of customer service quality
  • Not all plans offer e-commerce capabilities

Does Bluehost suit my needs?

When choosing a hosting provider, there are a lot of factors to take into account: price, storage, dependability, security, and customer service are all important. According to our review, Bluehost is ideal for particular kinds of websites and commercial requirements.

Limits on storage and bandwidth

All of Bluehost’s plans have storage capacity limitations. SSD storage is available in 10GB increments for the Basic plan and up to 100GB for the Pro plan, which is the top tier. In contrast to other hosting companies, Bluehost has somewhat restrictive storage restrictions.

Unmetered bandwidth from Bluehost enables limitless data transfer. Although there are no limits on the quantity of data that can be downloaded or uploaded, other websites on the same server share processing power with you. This means that because a Bluehost shared server has a 150 simultaneous database connection limit, you may experience slow file upload/download times.

Additional features and inclusions

All plans come with resource protection, an SSL certificate, a free CDN, and a free domain for the first year. Plan tiers have different storage allotments. More features, such as e-commerce capabilities, online store analytics, and optimized CPU resources that result in faster websites, are available in higher-tier plans.

Bluehost also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in addition to free WordPress website migration. All plans offer a free SEO Yoast account; Basic is not one of them.

Utilization ease

Bluehost’s business model is based on assisting small businesses and bloggers in quickly launching their websites. For novices and non-technical do-it-yourselfers creating basic websites, this user-friendly platform is perfect.

Builder for Bluehost

As previously stated, WordPress can be installed automatically for you by Bluehost. If you would rather, you can use Bluehost Builder (BB), a free website creation tool. With its drag-and-drop interface, hundreds of themes, and easy-to-use design tools, the BB lets you create a polished online presence.

Dashboard/cPanel for users

The user dashboard’s visually appealing and user-friendly design facilitates effortless navigation. After logging into your Bluehost account, select the Advanced tab to access your cPanel.

BlueHost Maestro can make your job easier if you need to manage multiple WordPress sites. Bluehost’s proprietary Maestro tool facilitates the organization, classification, and administration of numerous WordPress websites from a unified dashboard.

You can perform theme, plugin, and WordPress core updates with Maestro, as well as track broken links and stage sites. Using Maestro is free. 

Bluehost excels at:

  • Smaller WordPress websites
  • Authors of blogs
  • Rookie business owners
  • Startups with limited resources
  • Small companies with low resource requirements for their websites
  • DIY website developers with little to no technical knowledge

It is not advised to use Bluehost for:

  • Websites with a lot of content that need a lot of storage and processing power
  • Large-scale corporate websites
  • Sophisticated technical users who need a lot of control and customization over their websites

Tip: Though some of Bluehost’s features are optional and may or may not be worth the additional cost, depending on your needs, there are a few that stand out. Notable features include WordPress migration services, website design services, WP Live hands-on support, and an endorsement from

Our professional judgment

Bluehost specializes in helping bloggers, startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs with modest website needs. The hosting platform is easy to use for all technical levels, which makes it perfect for beginners.

Is Bluehost the best choice for you or your company?

If you know you want to commit to a multi-year web hosting plan and you intend to build your website with WordPress, Bluehost is a great option to take into consideration. One of the most comprehensive services for creating WordPress websites, the company has been endorsed by WordPress since 2005.