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DreamHost Review

DreamHost is a highly recognized web hosting company because of its extensive range of cost-effective plans. It provides five different kinds of hosting, ranging from cloud hosting to shared website hosting. Its one-click WordPress installs, which make it simple to launch a website in a matter of minutes, are another feature that many laud.

DreamHost Pro’s and Con’s

DreamHost has expanded from its modest beginnings in 1997 to serve more than 400,000 clients across 100 countries. More than 1.5 million websites, including 750,000 WordPress sites, are hosted there now. You will get several freebies, such as free SSL certificates, a free domain, and free WHOIS Privacy protection, whichever of its five hosting services you select.


  • Free secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates
  • Free domain for first year
  • Free WHOIS Privacy protection
  • Unmetered bandwidth on all plans
  • 1-click installer makes adding web apps easy
  • 97-day money-back guarantee for shared hosting


  • Antimalware tool is a paid add-on
  • Slower average response time than competitors
  • No customer support phone number
  • No money-back guarantee for virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated plans

DereamHost Web Hosting Services

DreamHost provides cloud, VPS, dedicated server, shared, and WordPress hosting in addition to dedicated WordPress hosting. You can opt for a 30-day money-back guarantee for WordPress hosting or a 97-day money-back guarantee for shared hosting. Other plans only offer DreamHost credit in the event that you cancel your subscription early; there is no money-back guarantee.

DreamHost is highly ranked in our list of the best web hosting services because it provides such versatility for users of all skill levels.

DreamHost provides five different types of web hosting to cater to different user types. For the most part, novice users should only think about shared or WordPress hosting. Advanced users may favor cloud, dedicated, and VPS server hosting if they want their websites to function fully:

  • Shared hosting: Your website will share server space with other users when using shared hosting, which could result in slightly slower performance. All plans do, however, include limitless storage and bandwidth.
  • Managed VPS hosting: With virtual private server hosting packages, your website will have dedicated resources, which will increase speed and performance.
  • Managed dedicated server hosting: Use dedicated service hosting to get the fastest speeds possible. In addition to having complete root and shell access for more control, you will have the entire server to yourself.
  • Managed WordPress hosting: These plans make sense to select if you know you will be using WordPress to run your website. They offer one-click restoration and on-demand backups, and WordPress is preinstalled.
  • Cloud server hosting: DreamHost’s object storage and cloud computing will be useful to web designers. These allow you to make OpenStack-compatible application programming interface (API) requests and have full root access to the back end.

Tip: For people new to creating a website, the DreamHost Academy is the ultimate resource. It’s loaded with tutorials on how to build a site, get traffic and optimize your views. Each course has pages on specific aspects of website building to help you get more comfortable in the driver’s seat.

DreamHost – The Essentials

The master of simple WordPress installations is DreamHost. Installing and starting the content management system (CMS) only requires one click. Using a manual plug-in, you can even migrate your WordPress website for free if you are importing it from another platform. It costs $99 to turn the keys over to the customer support staff if you require a little more assistance.

In relation to free, DreamHost provides several features that other hosting companies charge for. Having a free SSL certificate, a domain name, and WHOIS privacy protection can all add up to monthly savings.

We also appreciate DreamHost’s extensive plan selection. This means you can find a plan with just the features and options you require, but it can also make it a little confusing to choose the best option for you. This makes it a fantastic option for both novice and expert programmers who create websites.

In contrast to numerous other hosting companies, DreamHost charges for its anti-malware program. This monthly expense of $3 might mount up over time. Without this tool, hackers might be able to access your website and steal the personal information of your customers or direct them to dangerous websites.

Although DreamHost provides excellent round-the-clock support, calling and speaking with a live person is not possible. All communication is via email and chat, which can be challenging if you need a response right away in the event that your website goes down.

Additionally, some users may find it annoying that there is no cPanel. You will need to use DreamHost’s unique control panel instead. It provides nearly all of the features of a cPanel, such as email access, databases, website management, and billing, but if you are used to a different, more sophisticated setup, it might be restrictive.

However, most casual users should not experience any problems. Furthermore, you will need to manually perform all of this using MySQL or file transfer protocol (FTP) if you are attempting to import a cPanel from another web host.

Website Builder: 

On all plans, DreamHost provides a free WordPress website builder. It gives you the option to pick from over 200 starter sites or build your own from scratch. With over 100 design block options, even inexperienced users should find it simple to create their own layouts and templates using the drag-and-drop builder. In case you are unsure of where to start, the quick-start wizard can assist you all the way through.

Domain Registration:

To launch your website, you will require a domain name. DreamHost is less costly than most providers, domains for $7.99 a year. If you would rather have something more unique, however, you can choose from more than 400 top-level domains.

Every domain comes with free private registration and an unlimited number of subdomains. The domain management page is simple to navigate and intuitive. From a single page, you can transfer existing domains to DreamHost, modify DNS records, and enable domain forwarding.

Email Hosting:

With a yearly plan, DreamHost’s email hosting costs $1.67 per mailbox per month. Each mailbox will get 25GB of storage. Your emails will always be perfectly synced across all of your devices thanks to an industry-leading internet message access protocol (IMAP) service. You can use delivery filters, create custom aliases, and even arrange your messages into folders using the integrated webmail interface.

Additionally, DreamHost offers a free inbound spam filter, which should prevent viruses and phishing scams from reaching your inbox. We considered DreamHost to be among the top email hosting services because of all these features.

Shared Starter Plan:

The Shared Starter is ideal for users who are experimenting with starting a blog or community resource, as it only allows you to host one website and caps your site storage at 50GB. Additionally, you are restricted to six FTP users, six MySQL databases, and five subdomains. You will be required to pay to add on a custom email address.

Shared Unlimited Plan:

You are able to host an unlimited number of websites with the Shared Unlimited plan. Also, you have an infinite amount of users, databases, and The price includes email, and you are free to set up as many accounts as you like.s as you wish.

As you can see, DreamHost is among the top shared hosting companies because both of these plans provide a lot for the money. 

VPS Basic Plan:

There is 30GB SSD storage and 1GB RAM included in the VPS Basic plan. While the Professional plan boosts things to 4GB RAM and 120GB SSD storage, the Business plan only offers 2GB RAM and 60GB SSD storage. Lastly, the Enterprise plan includes 240GB SSD storage and 8GB RAM.

For small, newly launched websites, DreamHost suggests the Basic plan; for established small businesses with moderate traffic, it suggests the Business plan. For websites with a lot of resources, both the Professional and Enterprise options are ideal.

DreamHost Ease of Use:

DreamHost is remarkably user-friendly. Compared to a conventional cPanel, its customized DreamHost panel is simpler for beginners to use. The left side of the screen will display all of your options, making it simple to locate what you are looking for.

The WordPress builder is easy to use when it comes time to creating your website. Just select a theme, then rearrange the components as desired. You have the option to use DreamHost’s royalty-free image library or upload your own pictures.

DreamHost Security:

DreamHost offers an abundance of security features to increase visitor safety on your websites. It comes with DreamShield, a malware removal tool that locates and eliminates troublesome files. For some users, though, it might not be worth the $3 monthly fee.

In addition, DreamHost provides free WHOIS Privacy registration, which prevents people from searching for your personal information and sending you spam. In addition, Let us Encrypt will provide you with a free SSL/transport layer security (TLS) certificate for your website, which is necessary if you plan to collect any kind of consumer data.

Free automated backup is another uncommon feature. For this, the majority of services charge extra. To safeguard your data, you can also run backups on demand.

DreamHost Customer Service & Support:

DreamHost provides support options around-the-clock, 365 days a year, in case you need them. For inquiries about sales, the homepage features a chat widget. Customers can use their DreamHost control panel to access email and chat support.

The lack of a customer support phone number could be a disadvantage if you would rather talk to someone directly. If you run into trouble, there is a thorough knowledge base and discussion forum available.

DreamHost Additional Features:

Professional Creative Services

DreamHost provides a number of professional services that are paid for if you need assistance optimizing your website. These services include:

Custom web design: With this service, a qualified designer will start from scratch to build a website for you. This starts at $1,499.

Marketing: DreamHost charges $399 per month for social media and SEO marketing.

Website administration: Do you not feel like running your website? DreamCare management will take care of your website for you and starts at $59 per month. Additionally, you can add website updates for $299, website transfers for $99, website optimization for $399, and website hacking repair for $199.

Web development: The web development team charges $129 per hour to realize your dream of creating an app, plug-in, or other design.

DreamHost Academy

The DreamHost Academy is the best resource for those who are just starting out with website creation. There are a ton of tutorials on how to create a website, increase traffic, and maximize views. To put you in control and help you become more comfortable with website building, each course includes pages dedicated to particular topics.

WooCommerce Hosting

DreamHost offers dedicated WooCommerce hosting through its WordPress plans if your objective is to launch an online store. To save you time, these already have WooCommerce preconfigured. One-click staging is another feature that lets you see updates before they go live.

Does DreamHost Make Sense for You or Your Company?

All things considered, DreamHost suits a wide range of needs because of its extensive plan selection. DreamHost’s shared and DreamPress plans are affordable for small businesses that are just getting started. Building a website that looks beautiful and unique does not require you to be an expert designer.

In the meantime, dedicated and VPS hosting packages are ideal for companies with greater traffic and an established online presence. DreamPress’s cloud hosting solutions will be extremely valuable to engineers who wish to create a distinctive offering.